36 Killed In Devastating Suicide Bombing

The city of Baghdad, Iraq is still reeling from a suicide bombing in a marketplace earlier this month that left 36 people dead.

The New York Times reported that ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, which occurred hours after President François Hollande of France arrived in the Iraqi capital. Police said the bombs went off in a produce market that was packed with day laborers, and that 52 were wounded.

The bombs had reportedly been placed in a truck that was driving through the market. Asaad Hashim, 28, an owner of a nearby cellphone store who was wounded in the attack, recalled that laborers had crowded around the truck thinking that they could get hired by the driver.

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“Then a big boom came, sending them up into the air,” said Hashim, adding that he blamed “the most ineffective security forces in the world” for failing to prevent the attack.

Others also blamed the Iraqi government for failing to protect them.

“We have no idea who will kill at any moment and who’s supposed to protect us,” said Ali Abbas, a 40-year-old father of four who was hurled over his vegetable stand by the blast. “If the securities forces can’t protect us, then allow us to do the job.”

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