After Trump Cuts Off CNN, Many Americans are Doing Likewise!


CNN are having a terrible year by all accounts. They put all of their chips on Hillary winning the election. That didn’t turn out too well…

In a recent press conference President Trump blasted the fake news that CNN releases. They have unfairly targeted him. There was even 18 anti-Trump stories on their homepage recently:


But President Trump isn’t the only world leader to call shenanigans on the news outlet. Venezuela’s president Nicolás Maduro, according to Townhall, is on record as stating:

CNN must leave his country, after claiming that CNN en Espanol misrepresented information, according to El Nacional. El Nacional reported that Maduro warned CNN not to put their nose in Venezuela and that he wants CNN “well away” from his country.

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This misrepresentation was in reference to CNN en Espanol’s in-depth program detailing the alleged delivery of fraudulent Venezuelan passports and visas to the Venezuelan embassy in Iraq that were then reportedly sold to possible terrorists.

El Mundo reported that Maduro exclaimed in his tirade against the broadcasting network that media such as just CNN try to manipulate.

What are your thoughts on this?