BOOM!! Milo Yiannopoulos Has Bill Maher Fan’s NERVOUS! He’s Bringing Down ‘Real Time’


Can Milo Yiannopoulos bring down Bill Maher?640px-Milo_Yiannopoulos,_Journalist,_Broadcaster_and_Entrepreneur-1441_(8961808556)

Controversial speaker and author Milo Yiannopoulos has a date with Bill Maher this Friday night on his HBO news program “Real Time.” Maher has been pushing to get Yiannopoulos on ever since riots broke out on the UC Berkley campus where he was expected to speak earlier this month.

Milo, who is openly gay, has been an outspoken proponent of free speech and the first amendment. He began sparking controversy last year with his comments on feminism and actress Leslie Jones. This led to a large number of speaking engagements across college campuses with the left most recently trying to silence Milo at UC Berkley with riots.

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Do you think that Milo will school Maher? Do you think that Maher will even let him speak is the the real question. One thing is certain, thing’s should get heated.