BREAKING: Buckingham Palace Makes Devastating Announcement About Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth is the longest running butler in British history and is beloved by people all over the world. That’s why it’s come as devastating news to so many this week when a royal butler revealed that the queen is planning to abdicate her thrown to her son, Prince Charles.

The Express U.K. reported that Queen Elizabeth has decided that if she is still on the thrown at the age of 95, she will abdicate to Prince Charles. She is currently 91 years-old.

Queen Elizabeth will abdicate by requesting the Regency Act to come into force. This will allow her to remain head of state but would reduce her duties without abdicating the throne. In essence, it would mean that Prince Charles would be a Prince Regent and a King in all but name.

“Her Majesty will never resign,” the butler said. “She will be on the throne to her last breath. “But with the Regency act and meetings that have taken place recently, when Her Majesty gets to 95 then the Regency Act will be brought in through Parliament. This means Prince Charles will become Prince Regent while Her Majesty is still Queen, but her workload scales right back to limited engagements.”

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