Burqa-Clad Muslim Sneaks into Church… What She Does Next Is CHILLING

Some bleeding-heart liberal Christians recently decided to invite a Muslim woman to their church to show how tolerant they are. Once she got there, however, the Christians quickly learned they had made a huge mistake…

Mad World News reported that Christians at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow, Scotland invited the Muslim woman to sing at their Eucharist service marking the feast of the Epiphany, which celebrates the revelation of Christ as the Son of God. Sadly, the Muslim used her invitation to sing to sing a passage of the Koran that spits in the face of Christianity and shamelessly insults the religion.

The Surah 19 passage specifically denies that Jesus is the son of God, and says that he should not be worshipped. The Muslim woman sang from the church’s pulpit that Mary was “ashamed” after giving birth to Jesus, and that the baby screamed out from the cradle to say that Allah is the only path to salvation.

The Muslim then made things even worse by singing verse 35, which is translated, “It befitteth not the Majesty of Allah that He should take unto Himself a son.” She then sang verse 36, which depicts the baby Jesus saying, “Allah is my Lord and your Lord. So worship Him. That is the right path.”

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Retired Anglican bishop Michael Nazir-Ali immediately spoke out to condemn the reading, saying it was not appropriate for a church service.

“The authorities of the Scottish Episcopal Church should immediately repudiate this ill-advised invitation,” he said, according to Christian Today.

“Christians should know what their fellow citizens believe and this can include reading the Quran for themselves, whether in the original or in translation. This is not, however, the same thing as having it read in Church in the context of public worship,” he added. “It is particularly insensitive to have this passage read in Church on the Feast of the Epiphany when we celebrate not only Christ’s manifestation to the gentiles but also his baptism and the divine declaration, ‘you are my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.’”

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