Elizabeth Warren Admits The Unthinkable!


Elizabeth Warren is one of the biggest Democrat hypocrites you will see. She is trying to drum up attention as she debates on running for the 2020 Presidential Election.

She caused a lot of controversy by publicly criticizing the new head of Education Betsy DeVos.

For Warren, the fact that some schools will lose funding is still a problem. “Your history of support for policies that would drain valuable taxpayer resources from our public schools and funnel those funds to unaccountable private and for-profit education operators may well disqualify you from such a central role in public education,” she told DeVos, in what almost appears to be a purposeful misunderstanding of how school choice works.

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In fact, it has to be purposeful, because in her 2003 book “The Two Income Trap,” she saw school choice as a necessity. To give some context, in the book Warren (and her daughter) argue that the desire for parents to send their students to the best schools had bid up home prices in the surrounding areas of those schools, since a student’s school is currently tied to their ZIP code. Naturally, that makes it impossible for the poor to have access to those schools, because they can’t afford to live in those areas.

What are your thoughts on this?