Eric Trump Breaks Silence with Huge Announcement

It has been a crazy month for the United States as we have battled many natural disasters with an extraordinary amount of destruction that has occurred.  To help ease the minds and the troubles of what we are facing as a nation, wonderful news out of the White House as it has been announced that a new member of the Trump family has arrived. Baby Eric “Luke” Trump has been born.

President Donald Trump’s second son, Eric Trump and his wife Lara, have just announced the wonderful blessing of a baby boy, who was born at 8:50 on Tuesday morning. Eric  announced on Twitter the exciting news of the birth of their baby boy:

Social Media was ecstatic, posting congratulatory remarks on the announcement.   While Lara was expected to give birth around this time, our country has been busy helping those who have been devastated by disasters. This announcement has given us a sense of normalcy again and we too welcome baby Eric “Luke” Trump.

As of right now, President Trump as well as the other members of the family are expected to make an announcement and congratulate Eric and Lara on their first child together.

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