ESPN Anchor Makes APPALLING Claim About Trump — Boycott Them NOW!

Disney-owned ESPN has been on a downward spiral fueled by its undisguised liberal bias and its affliction by Trump Derangement Syndrome. The Left’s cultural crusade to erase Trump and his supporters from the tapestry of liberal fantasies continues to sink the network ever closer into its grave.

Breitbart has posted a story about ESPN twit Jemele Hill, who tweeted out on September 11, that “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.” That’s news to Dr. Ben Carson.

You remember ESPN right? It is the same network that kicked MNF legend Hank Williams Jr. off the air for his analogy of  Obama and former RINO House Speaker John A. Boehner golfing together being similar to “Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu.

Hill’s clear accusation, a baseless generalization in reality,  is typical of the bumper sticker sloganeering carried out by the Left. The political stage is no longer one of competing ideals, but of emotionally-charged slanderings.

“How this incident gets handled,” writes Breitbart, “will be an acid test for whatever remains of ESPN’s credibility as a journalistic enterprise. Nor is this Hill’s first brush with speaking the insane, she also once referred to the police are like, ‘slave patrols.’”

She must be referring to the slave patrols instituted and codified by 19th Century Southern DEMOCRATS in an effort to preserve the institution of slavery that, once again, Southern DEMOCRATS relied on.

Poor Hill, it must be embarrassing to be so ignorant.