EXPOSED: SHOCKING Truth About Hillary’s “LOST” Emails — This Will Make You FURIOUS!

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey continues to be revealed as anything but a man of principles and absent any commitment to upholding the law. He is a political hack and should be in jail for committing perjury and abusing his office.

A week after it was learned that Comey had written a memo exonerating Hillary Clinton of her criminal and treasonous misuse of a private email server even before an investigation by the Bureau was completed, Gateway Pundit reports that Comey had also refused to accept documents from the NSA related to the purported “lost emails” from Clinton’s server.

The Pundit writes, “Clinton’s emails, which were stolen by the Russians, have never been found. But…the messages are still in the possession of the National Security Agency (NSA), which offered to give them to the FBI. Comey turned down that offer, according to a source who has been very reliable.”

Once again, we see the Deep State protecting itself for its own benefit. How many grievances do we have to endure before the American people say ‘Enough is enough?’