Fashion Magazine Just Embarrassed Itself to Put Down Trump & Melania — This is MINDBLOWINGLY Stupid!

File this under “I” for irrelevant, but it still is infuriating.

The Daily Caller has noted that Vanity Fair’s 2017 list of the best dressed celebrities and politicians has ignored one of the most obvious choices for finalist or, at the least, runner up.

First Lady Melania Trump has been given the cold shoulder by the liberal rag best used to line the bottom of a bird cage. No one has asked Vanity why they left her out, but prior articles put out by the mindless publication make it clear that they despise President Trump so much that they cannot stick true to their one purported purpose: noting fashion icons.

Incredibly, former First Lady and disgruntled ‘blacktivist’ Michelle Obama was on the list for a third time.

Really? Is this the same Michelle Obama that has been pictured in an old lady frumpy dress walking up stairs beside European princesses regaled in splendid outfits?

The Left is insane and so consumed by hatred that they are making a mockery of every facet of cultural expression they dominate.