Graphic Video: Jihadists Turned To Soup After Trying To Out Run US Military Gun Ship

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When all you have is a goat and an AK47, you should pick your fights a bit better.

The might of our military is unparalleled and these jihadists recently found this out.

In an undated video posted to YouTube Friday, an Islamic Stage group fighter was spotted hitching a ride in the back of a pickup truck speeding across the desert. The jihadi and his ride, however, were in the sights of an aircraft watching from above.

The view switched to a closer angle before it panned out again to show the truck pass a few buildings. Just after it cleared the last building along the road a warning shot struck directly in front of the vehicle.

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The truck swerved slightly and drove out of the plume of smoke and dust as the view suddenly zeroed in on the militant sitting precariously on the edge of the truck bed. Mere seconds went by before the aircraft’s final shot struck the truck.

The militant fell off as the vehicle slowed and burst into flames.

This shows how precise we are when needed, trying to make the world a better place.