Hillary Clinton Comes Out of Hiding to Do the UNTHINKABLE

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Hillary Clinton was spotted last night arriving at her daughter Chelsea’s luxury Manhattan penthouse at around 6:30pm.

Daily Mail reported that Clinton was seen entering the building with her Secret Service detail before leaving just a half an hour later at around 7pm. Her visit came hours after it was revealed that Chelsea’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky, had quietly shut down his hedge fund Eaglevale Partners back in December.

Mezvinsky’s latest business failure means that both he and Chelsea are out of the work right now. Despite this, they still are living in the lap of luxury in their extravagant New York City apartment.

This once again shows how full of it Clinton was during her presidential campaign, when she tried to portray herself as an “everywoman” who is just like any other average American. In reality, Clinton has so much money that she can afford to live in an expensive mansion while also clearly paying her daughter’s bills in Manhattan.

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While Clinton and her family are living in wealth, millions of Americans are still struggling to put food on the table thanks to Barack Hussein Obama’s policies. Had we elected her, she would have done nothing to help poverty-stricken Americans, instead simply choosing to give handouts to her fellow rich friends. Donald Trump, meanwhile, cares more about the working class than he does about the rich and famous.

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