Hillary’s Lawyers Just Got Some Devastating News — They Did Not Expect THIS!

The taint of Deep State corruption has made a mockery of the law and those who are charged with executing it. No greater example of this has surfaced than that involving Corruptus Extremis Hillary Clinton.

By all accounts the Pant-Suited and stair-challenged moral degenerate has been shown to have violated national security protocols and the law by her use of a private email server to transmit messages that contained classified information.

Former disgraced FBI Director James Comey dismissed the illegality, but other like Judicial Watch and NY attorney Ty Clevenger have not. The latter’s FOIA request, which was initially rebuffed by the FBI for the ludicrous reason that there was no public interest in the scandal, may be the nail in Hillary’s coffin and it has had a legal ripple effect as well.

Fox News reports that Maryland “Circuit Judge Paul F. Harris Jr. ruled Monday that the Attorney Grievance Commission and Office of Bar Counsel Maryland Office of Bar Counsel must look into complaints against Cheryl Mills, Heather Samuelson and David E. Kendall, citing ‘allegations of destroying evidence.’”

The three Hillary consiglieres are accused of destroying evidence of perjury committed by the two-time Democrat presidential candidate loser.

The noose is drawing tighter around Hillary’s turkey neck. If only the U.S. Justice Department would grow some cajones and truly join in the investigation, than we could happily refer to Hillary as Inmate #9304239.