JUST IN: Devastating Announcement About John McCain

Back in July, Arizona Senator John McCain announced that a blood clot inside his skull was associated with a glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. In the wake of this announcement, McCain got radiation and chemotherapy treatments in the hopes of being cured before the Senate reconvened.

On Monday, McCain got an MRI that would reveal if the treatments were successful. Unfortunately, McCain did not get the news that he was hoping for.

Arizona Central reported that doctors have advised McCain that he must do another round of chemotherapy and radiation after the MRI revealed that his previous treatments were not successful. This means that McCain will have to continue treatment while he works in the Senate in Washington D.C. However, doctors think that McCain’s chances of recovery at this point are extremely low.

“Senator McCain received an MRI at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland yesterday (Monday),” his office said in a written statement. “Following the advice of his doctors, Senator McCain will continue to receive targeted radiation and chemotherapy treatments at NIH while maintaining a regular work schedule in the United States Senate.”

One day before getting the MRI results, McCain talked to CNN about his diagnosis.

“The prognosis is pretty good,” McCain said. “But this is a very vicious form of cancer that I’m facing, but all of the results so far are excellent. Everything is fine. I have more energy than ever.”

“Every life has to end one way or another. … You’ve got to have joy. Joy,” he added.

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