Kellyanne Just OBLITERATED Hillary with One BRUTAL Tweet

Senior White House advisor Kellyanne Conway is completely sick of Hillary Clintons excuses and disgusted with the way she has placed blame on everyone else for her huge loss. Conway is letting Clinton know that she is disgusted with her behavior and pointed out the vulgarity of Hillary’s book tour as the nation deals with two natural disasters and the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

Conway took to social media to vent her frustration over the failed democratic nominee and slammed Hillary for presenting herself as a victim while the nation struggles to rebuild in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

“Today: the 16th anniversary of 9-11; the nation is helping Harvey & Irma hurricane survivors & Hillary is talking about Hillary,” she posted.

Kellyanne’s comments came shortly after Clinton’s book tour continued to claim that outside forces cost her the Oval Office; blaming factors such as the FBI, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, sexism, and of course, Russia.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Putin wanted me to lose and wanted Trump to win. And there’s no doubt in my mind that there are a tangle of financial relationships between Trump and his operation with Russian money,” a delusional Clinton told USA Today.

Wow… we definitely dodged a bullet there.