Major Scandal: Leading Dem Mayor Resigns in Shame — Liberals Stunned

What do you get when you create a political movement devoid of all morality? What kind of members do you expect to be turned out from a party that has no qualms about killing infants, coddling criminals, prizing terrorist immigrants over authentic citizens, and promotes the hedonistic debauchery of the LGBT-XYZ [email protected] community over that of our Judeo-Christian traditions?

The answer is you get filth like practitioner of pederasty Seattle Democrat Mayor Ed Murray washing up on the shores of your sensibilities.

The Seattle Times reports that Murray, who has been mayor of the liberal commune writ large since 2014, finally resigned after a FIFTH charge of pedophilia surfaced. Proving that it takes a liberal to find the worst immoral act to perpetrate, Murray’s fifth charge also comes with the added disgusting fact that the victim was his cousin.

Murray issued a statement denying the five different allegations but said he would step down to avoid being a distraction.

A city councilman has blasted his fellow members for dragging their feet on hauling Murray out of office.

“Unfortunately, the majority of the City Council failed to show any such leadership. Establishment politicians and political operatives do not show courage on an ordinary basis, so this is yet another example.”

Yes it is. One example in a history of moral depravity fueled by an ideology of carnality and an out-of-control sense of humanistic self-empowerment.