Malia Obama Surfaces DAYS After Parents Return To US – You Won’t Believe Where…

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Malia Obama moved out of the White House last month and into an apartment in Manhattan so she could beginning working her latest Hollywood internship. This weekend, photos of her walking to work in New York City leaked to the public.

Daily Mail reported that the 18 year-old is interning as a script reader in the office of A-list producer Harvey Weinstein. There, she spends her days going over scripts and deciding which ones she wants to pitch to movie executives.

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Malia took things easy over the weekend, as she was spotted getting Starbucks with one of her girlfriends.


Having graduated from high school in June, Malia is on a gap year before she begins college at Harvard in 2017. Before beginning her internship, she spent the fall touring South America and attending the Sundance film festival.

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Meanwhile, Malia’s parents have just moved into their new home in the Washington D.C. neighborhood of Kalorama. They will remain there at least until Malia’s younger sister Sasha finishes high school in two years.