MEDIA BLACKOUT: Black Mob Kidnaps White Woman – What Happens Next Is Horrifying…

The world was stunned this week when footage surfaced of four black thugs committing a brutal hate crime against a white teenager, who they tortured while screaming things like “f*ck Donald Trump” and “f*ck white people.”

Now, it’s becoming clear that brutal crimes such as this against white people aren’t nearly as uncommon as the media would have you believe.

Mad World News reported that three thugs in Indiana recently saw the perfect opportunity to do something truly sick to two young white girls in a crime that left even the most-seasoned police officers deeply disturbed.

It all started when a 17 year-old girl who was staying at a Suburban Extended Stay Hotel in the town of Castleton was at the local mall when she was approached by 16 year-old Korey Reaves, who began flirting with her. She made the mistake of her life when she invited the young man back to her room. That’s when things took a turn for the worse…

The girl didn’t realize she’d made a huge mistake until Reaves showed up to her room with 19-year-old Anthony Fort who “shoved and pushed and fought their way to get inside” as she “screamed and yelled.” They then forced her to strip naked and demanded money and sex acts from her, but since the girl had yelled so much, a security guard had rushed to the room to see what was going on.

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Unfortunately, the female guard was overpowered by the two men, and she was dragged into the room and forced to strip as well. The thugs forced the women to perform sex acts for hours before they took them to an ATM to get cash. Luckily, they were driving the women around in a stolen car, so a police officer pulled them over and set the women free.

Once fort and Reaves were in custody, 18 year-old Myia Kilgore turned herself in, admitting that she had acted as a getaway driver for the punks.

The media refused to report on this story at all, despite the fact that it was a horrendous hate crime. SHARE this story so we can spread it!