Mexican President Tries To Use 135 Deported Criminals For Photo Op – Instantly Backfires!


Enrique Pena Nieto is the president of Mexico and he has already bene destroyed by President Trump on the world stage.

He thought he could earn some brownie points at home when he posed for photos with 135 illegals who have been deported from here.

Things quickly backfired as some of the illegals talked about they planned to try and break back into America straight away!

The Federalist has more:

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto attempted to make the United States and Donald Trump specifically look bad by welcoming 135 deported Mexican nationals back to the country.

Nieto went to Mexico City’s airport to remind them that they always have a home in Mexico, saying, “you are not alone, do not feel abandoned. The doors to this, your house, will always be open.”

I don’t know why this needs to be said, because it IS their home. If they want to move into a new home (the United States) they need to do so legally. You can’t just vacate the place you’re living in right now because you trashed it and break into someone else’s home and set up shop and then be upset when they throw you out.


He also called Mexico the land of new opportunity, which is confusing to those of us who hear liberals complain about the “poor living conditions” of Mexicans who just want to move to America to better their lives. If they could just stick to one set of excuses, that would be great.

The people he was trying to console, however, had a different idea. According to one person, they aren’t receiving the help they need on either side of the border, and will continue to enter the United States.

The Mexican consulates in the United States do not do anything for us, they are sending massive airplanes and sending a lot of people. I do not think its fair. No one is there to help on that side nor on this side, we have to do something for our people.

Another man, Pedro Vasquez, claimed that he would enter the United States again, regardless of the wall. He had apparently been living in the state of Georgia making $4,800 a month (wow!) before he was deported.

What are your thoughts on this?