Muslim Migrant Brutally Assaults Family For Flying American Flag

Barack Hussein Obama is always talking about how peaceful Muslim “refugees” are, saying they pose no threat to the American people. Stories like this, however, remind us that this could not be further from the truth.

The Washington Times reported that a burqa-clad Muslim was recently arrested in Lawrenceville, Georgia after she stole a homeowner’s American flag and began attacking her and her daughter with it.

Dami Arno recalled that the Muslim, later identified as 30 year-old Amina Ahra, suddenly emerged from the woods near her home and approached her family’s mailbox where the flag was flying from a 4-foot pole.

“I stood up and I yelled at her, ‘Don’t touch my flag,’ and she yanked it out and headed towards us just waving it,” Arno said.

Ahra then charged at her with the flag in her hands and began to fight her. Arno’s 17 year-old daughter jumped in to try and help her mother while her 14 year-old son ran to grab the family gun. Though the boy fired a warning shot, Arno said, “that did not even faze her. It didn’t stop her; it didn’t do anything.”

“We fought for probably 7 minutes until the police arrived here because I wasn’t letting her go I did not know what else she would do,” Arno said. “She had already chased one of my neighbors into her house that morning.”

Ahra was finally arrested and charged with two counts of simple battery.

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“She never said a word, the look in her eyes, my neighbor even asked if she had been brainwashed,” the mother said. “Crazy, that’s all, that’s the only way I can explain it.”

Arno now says that Ahra should be charged with a hate crime.

“What in the world is going on here? Why am I not safe on my own property why can I not sitting in my garage and not feel like I’m going to be attacked by someone walking down my street with my American flag?” Arno said. “How much plainer could a hate crime be when she rips your American flag off and charges you on your own property? It’s nothing less than a hate crime.

“I have friends who have fought and died for the red, white and blue. When she took it down, it was not disrespect, it was not a slap in the face, it was a punch to the gut,” she added.

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