Muslim Refugees Shoot FIREWORKS At People On New Year’s Eve

Liberals are always saying that Muslim migrants are peaceful people who would never want to hurt Westerners. Videos like this, however, remind us that this isn’t true at all.

Infowars reported that the video below shows Muslim migrants in the Swedish city of Malmo launching fireworks at Westerners on New Years Eve. This comes after the city of Malmo was assaulted by Muslim refugees over and over again in 2016 with cars regularly being torched by migrants.

The disturbing footage shows Muslims taking fireworks at of boxes and aiming them at people on the street. Parts of the city are 90% Muslim now, and Chief Superintendent Torsten Elofsson retired last year after 42 years with the force because things have gotten so out of control.

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“Malmo is infamous for explosions. Yet thankfully nobody has been killed by the explosions yet – some of them are just used to frighten people,” Elofsson told Breitbart. “We had one case in Rosengard where a group were given a court order to leave an apartment because they were a disturbance for the neighbours. And then suddenly hand grenades and explosions outside the office of the real estate company.”

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