Muslim Thug BEATS White Woman – Police Arrest HER After Her Attacker Gives THIS Excuse

A young Muslim thug flew into a rage and brutally beat his white wife, leaving the mother covered in bruises. However, after she called the police and showed what he did to her, it was HER who ended up in jail for a month after her husband offered a sickening 5-word excuse.

Mad World News reported that 26 year-old Hannah James married a young Muslim man named Jassim Alhaddar after she bought into the liberal narrative that jihadists are a “tiny minority of extremists.” After James married her husband, they moved to Bahrain, and that’s where things took a nasty turn.

Soon after the wedding, Alhaddar got jealous and began brutally beating his wife. After she finally had enough, she decided to head back to her native-country of Britain. When Alhaddar learned of her plan, he gave his wife the worst beating yet.


Covered in bruises all over her body, James went to the police in Bahrain to beg for help. Unfortunately, she quickly learned that in Bahrain, it’s men to beat their wives in accordance with the Quran, since women are considered the property of their husbands. All it took was five words by Alhaddar to get his wife locked up: she’s been cheating on me.

Alhaddar was then allowed to walk free even though he admitted to beating his wife. Meanwhile, James was sent to a Bahrainian prison, where she had to survive on 3 daily meals of rice and water. Though she’s been released, she’s not allowed to leave Bahrain and she is facing 1-5 years in prison for adultery.

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“Things became very difficult for her as she was suffering from domestic violence,” Hannah’s mother Shelley said. “He made it impossible for her to leave as he burnt her passport.He then went to the police and accused her of having an affair, so she is and has been in Bahrain prison for one month now, and is looking at a sentence between 1-5 years on the grounds of adultery.”

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