Obama Lawyers Take Trump To Court — This Could Get Ugly!

Remember when Obama was considered a “brilliant Constitutional lawyer?” Well, now two advocacy groups — one of them made up of lawyers from his administration — are challenging Trump’s right to pardon Sheriff Joe by saying it’s unconstitutional.

Ummm… it’s the constitution that gives the President the power to pardon. Nevertheless, with the right liberal activist judge, this story could help keep Obama’s name in the press for a while and give the media a new fake-news smear campaign to wage against Trump.

Two advocacy groups have now challenged President Donald Trump’s pardon of the controversial former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  One of the groups includes Obama administration lawyers, who allege that the commander-in-chief’s pardon of Arpaio was an unconstitutional overreach of executive authority.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was convicted by the Obama Justice Department of violating a 2001 injunction barring his officers from stopping and detaining Latino motorists solely on the suspicion of being illegal immigrants. Thankfully President Trump noticed that this was not the right call and pardoned the sheriff for his “selfless public service.”

The first group, Roderick and Solange MacArrthur Justice Center, is seeking to file in an Arizona district court where Arpaio is seeking to vacate a conviction after Trump pardoned him, is a public interest law firm.  The brief was turned down by a judge on procedural grounds.

The second advocacy group involved attorney’s of Obama’s administration. They are named the Protect Democracy Project.  They filed another separate brief this Monday, urging Bolton to first decide whether the pardon was constitutional before the case was dismissed.

Then there was the Coalition to Preserve Protect and Defend,  who are saying that the president’s pardon will only remove the court’s ability to enforce its own orders:

“The result would be an executive branch freed from the judicial scrutiny required to assure compliance with the dictates of the Bill of Rights and other constitutional safeguards.”

President Trump fully believed that Sheriff Joe was appropriately handling our country.  Protecting us from illegal immigrants and doing what he was supposed to do.