Obamas To Cash In On $40 MILLION Payday On Book Bashing Clintons And Revealing Daughters’ Secrets

The Obamas have spent the last eight years shamelessly using millions of our tax dollars to fund their own lavish lifestyles. Now, it looks like the Obamas have found a new way to cash in on millions of dollars as soon as they leave the White House.

Daily Mail reported that Barack and Michelle Obama are looking at a combined $40 million book deal between them. Barack has already earned $15 million for his previous books, and as a former president, he is looking at over $20 million for another.

As for Michelle, she’s also looking at $20 million for a tell-all memoir about her time in the White House, and one source says the first lady is already working on this book at this time.

“Michelle’s more popular and likable than Barack – and definitely more salable,” one top acquisition editor said. “If I jump into the bidding, I’d definitely offer more for her story than his. He’s a known quantity, she’s the golden goose with the best dishy stories about her White House life. And I think she can be very catty.”

Given the fact that Michelle has a 59% approval rating, it should come as no surprise that editors are clamoring to tell her story.

For the biggest advance, which could be more than $30 million, editors say that President Obama will have to dish on his biggest Oval Office secrets. They might even have to throw the Clintons under the bus…

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“We want to know the Obamas true feelings about the Clintons. We know there is no love lost, but we need to hear that in the president’s words, or directly from the first lady, and in her own candid words,” one top editor said. “We want to hear what the president’s true reaction was when Benghazi happened, when he first learned about Mrs. Clinton’s secret email server, and how he felt about Mrs. Clinton’s failed candidacy, and his true feeling about Donald Trump – all of that needs to be told in no uncertain terms, because that’s what the public – the book buyers – are interested in hearing.”

“And all of that if honestly told will garner a publicity tsunami. We’ll sell hundreds of thousands of books, and make the Obamas even richer with the royalties,” the editor added.

A high ranking female editor said that she’d “kill and offer millions to get the first lady’s book,” but only willing to dish about “the ups and downs of her marriage, horror stories about raising her two daughters in the public spotlight.”

For $30 million, Michelle would likely have to throw her daughter Malia under the bus and talk about her various shenanigans, like when she was caught drinking and smoking weed.

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