Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars in the world and is known for her beautiful singing voice, strong Christian values, and slender, willowy figure. That’s why it has come as a massive surprise to her fans that new photos appear to suggest that Swift has gotten large breast implants.

Right Wing News reported that photos of Swift at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards show her wearing a revealing white outfit that showed off her small breasts.

Photos of Swift one year later show her with clearly larger breasts, which prompted the rumors.

“I think Taylor Swift got a boob job before the Red album came out and then again during the transition from Calvin to Tom,” one fan remarked.

“Is Taylor Swift pregnant or did she just get massive implants?” another said.

Mark Norfolk, the clinical director at Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group, said that in his expert opinion, Swift got implants.

“Looking at the recent images of Taylor Swift, it does appear as though she has had a surgical breast augmentation,” he said. “She seems to have had modest sized implants to keep the size of her breasts in line with her slender and boyish figure.”

“Many patients we see here don’t want anyone to notice that they’ve had their breasts done and opt for smaller sized implants,”   he continued. “Her implants have most likely been placed sub-muscular – this placement technique is used on patients who want a natural result but don’t have a lot of existing breast fat for the surgeon to work with. She looks great and has a very natural result.”

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