A gunman opened fire in a shopping mall in Springfield, Missouri on Thursday night.

Fox News reported that at least two people were left injured in the shooting before the suspect was taken into police custody. The shooting took place at Battlefield Mall, which is located at the southern edge of downtown.

The condition of the injured is not known at this time.

“It almost seemed like a movie, like you know in movies it’s like slow motion, and you kind of look around,” said Rachel, a witness. “Well, at that moment I looked at one of my associates and saw, actually both my associates are like gathering people and I remember looking, and I saw this little girl just running. And I just thought to myself like that’s crazy, like, that’s just actually happening.”

One woman came outside to find bullet holes in her window.

“The lady came through the drive through, said that someone was firing over at the mall,” said Audry Schwindt. “So we came out to our car to kind of drive by and see what was going on. And when we got there, my passenger front window was shot. There was a bullet hole and my whole window was shattered.”

We will update you further as this story develops.