Reporter Asked Hillary About Her 33,000 Emails — Then ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!

It’s amazing to hear Hillary complain about how she was treated unfairly by the media. If they looked into Benghazi, the Seth Rich murders, or her 33,000 missing emails the way they’re going after Trump’s fictional Russia connection, she’d be hocking her book from behind bars.

Yesterday, Hillary got a little taste of what it would be like to live in that alternate universe where an honest media, free from political blindness, doggedly pursued the truth — and it was awesome!

At a Barnes and Noble book signing safely nestled in the liberal womb of Manhattan, Hillary flashed her fake smile to all the libtards who shoveled out money to buy the book and have it signed by future inmate #4367338.

One person in line, however, was there to ask the pant-suited two-time loser some very pointed questions, reports Pacific Pundit.

When it was her turn, conservative journalist Laura Loomer began lobbing inquiries at Hillary that she has largely avoided.

“The American people want to know what happened to your 33,000 emails? What happened at Benghazi?” Loomer asked.

Loomer even went where not too many journos dare to go when she asked, “What happened to Seth Rich?”

Hillary never looked her accuser in the eye (a telling sign) but said through her fake smile, “It’s a shame you believe such lies.”

Is that not what your supporters do, Hillary? After all, everything about you is a lie. Your personae, your political acumen, your commitment to liberal values, your empathy and your marriage are all lies.

What is a shame is that Hillary has perverted reality to the point that she sees the truth as lies.

Thank God she did not win the election.