Sessions Just Dropped a Bombshell on White House Leakers…

Attention Deep State moles festering within the Trump administration: your days may be numbered!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been ordered by President Trump to find and root out those leaking information from within the administration. Probes have already outed 3 national security council employees (all with ties to fired White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus) but the leaks continue.

Sessions is now considering, writes the Daily Caller, using a polygraph machine to test the veracity of employees suspected of undermining the President. The Department of Justice has not commented on the report, but it makes sense and it serves a dual purpose as the Caller duly notes.

Not only could the lie detector machines reveal possible leakers, but it could act as a great deterrent to anyone thinking of paying homage to the Deep State by peddling sensitive information to the Propaganda Machine that is the media.