Shocking! Here’s Why Pro-Military Super Bowl Ad Not Shown Until After

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A lot of people are saying that the Super Bowl yesterday was the best there ever was.

Of course it depends on what side you were supporting.

The game had a political undercurrent to it as Tom Brady is a great friend of Donald Trump.

There were some funny tweets about their relationship.

The majority of the commercials were tame except for one ad that wasn’t shown until after.

Per IJ Review, Hyundai’s Super Bowl ad didn’t run until after the final whistle had blown, but it was arguably the most powerful one of the entire night.

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The advertisement was made for American soldiers who were unable to be home for the Super Bowl. The minute and a half video captures the true meaning of service members’ sacrifice.

Amazingly, the ad used real moments from the big game, meaning it was capturing and editing footage for the very expensive Super Bowl spot while the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons were still battling for the NFL championship.

More importantly, Hyundai made it possible for American soldiers to watch the Super Bowl with the ones they love the most — and that’s better than any multimillion dollar, action-packed spot could ever deliver.

What are your thoughts on this?