During last year’s presidential election, serious questions were raised about Hillary Clinton’s health after she was caught on camera having an apparent seizure. Now, chilling new footage has emerged of this seizure showing it from a better angle, and it’s downright disturbing.

The Black Sphere reported that the footage shows Clinton leaning against a cement structure before she starts to wobble as she tries to enter a limo. Secret Service agents tried to prop Clinton up, but clearly had trouble doing so.

Clinton has always denied having any health problems and having seizure. However, it’s abundantly clear that she indeed did have a seizure in this shocking video.

This video has resurfaced one day after Clinton came out of hiding to whine about her election loss and say that she coped with it with a mix of prayer, yoga and “my fair share of Chardonnay.”

“I relied on several tools, one of which was prayer, and I was lifted up and blessed by a lot of people who sent me prayers, sent me spiritual readings,” she said at New York’s Riverside Church. “I also had the support of my family. … My friends rallied around and were so supportive. I did some yoga. Tried alternative nostril breathing.”

“Yes, I had my fair share of Chardonnay,” Clinton added.

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