Six Trump Staffers FIRED From Friday – Escorted From White House After THIS Happens


Six White House staffers were fired on Thursday and escorted from the premises after they failed to pass FBI background checks.

Western Journalism reported that the staffers were escorted out of the White House due to problems with their SF86 application, the “Questionnaire for National Security Positions.” This 127-page document features questions on the applicant’s credit score, medical records, employment history, family history, substance use and other personal subjects.

One of the dismissed staffers has been identified as Caroline Wiles, director of scheduling and the daughter of President Trump’s Florida campaign manager. She was appointed as appointed deputy assistant secretary before the inauguration, but she will now instead get a job at the Treasury Department.

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Liberals are already using these firings to bash Donald Trump.

The website explained that the SF86 background investigation is for those applying for “security clearances and high-risk public trust positions.”

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