Student Protesters at University of Virginia Do the Unthinkable — It’s Happening!

Monument Mania continues as it is the new “in thing” to do for millennial whiners starved for attention. Once again the grounds of academia have been occupied by ignorant Leftists who decry white supremacy, fascism, and racism as haunting specters of the Right terrorizing their safe spaces that are supposed to be free from opposing opinions and views.

The same un-educated thugs who don monochromatic uniforms to denounce these threats are, ironically, using threats and intimidation as well. Plus they have no idea that supremacy, fascism and racism are all creatures of the Left. The Ku Klux Klan was birthed by Southern Democrats, fascism was the logical fulfillment of socialism, and racism has long been the deeply harbored trait of Leftists like H.G. Wells, Woodrow Wilson, Robert Byrd and Bill Clinton…the REAL Bill Clinton.

The University of Virginia has now been victim of this ignorant mob, boasts the Daily Progress.

“One month after white nationalists stormed the Rotunda at the University of Virginia,” writes the Progress, “bearing tiki torches and chanting, ‘You will not replace us,’ a smaller but equally vocal crowd of protesters took to the Rotunda on Tuesday night, covering a statue of Thomas Jefferson in a black shroud.”

By ‘white nationalists’, the Progress means conservatives (or alt-right as they are now designated by the Left) who have adopted President Trump’s pride in Americanism.

In response to this large and respectful gathering in mid-August, a small cadre of Antifa-like losers waited a month and used the dead of night to mount a statue of Thomas Jefferson at UVa and displayed signs with cavil and overly generalized slogans like ‘End Hate Now’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’.

The utter stupidity of this episode is so thick that there is not enough room in this article to deconstruct it piece by pathetic piece. But know this, their actions are riling up real Americans and the time will come when the fraudulent ideals of the Left are judged for what they are and a permanent black shroud will forever cover it.