Ted Cruz Removing Citizenship From People Who Do This!!

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Finally, someone brings common sense to the war against ISIS — and that someone is Ted Cruz!

A question on everyone’s minds was if American citizens who fought for the Islamic State would be let back in.

“If an American citizen travels abroad and joins a terrorist group waging jihad on America, attempting to murder innocent Americans, this legislation would strip that individual of their U.S. citizenship, so that we would not have terrorists returning to America using U.S. passports,” Cruz told the Washington Examiner.

Hundreds of citizens have joined the fighting and 124 other green card holders joined them over recent years.

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“This legislation is a common-sense step to recognize that people can wage war against America in more ways than one,” Cruz said. “You don’t need to be a member of a nation-state military to be a terrorist at war with America.”

What are your thoughts on this?