The Senate Makes Move To Remove Obama Gun Ban


A few weeks ago, the House of Representatives passed a resolution that eliminated a requirement issued under Barack Obama’s leadership that Social Security recipients with mental disabilities be entered in the FBI’s background check system.

On Wednesday, the Senate followed the House’s lead by voting 57-43 in favor of the resolution. Conservative Tribune reported that the resolution will now head to the desk of Donald Trump, who is expected to sign it.

The requirement in question had been part of one of Obama’s most burdensome and unnecessary gun regulations. It was one of the midnight regulations that Obama issued in December, right before he left office. Critics of it said it would effectively strip the Second Amendment rights of Social Security recipients who were not dangerously mentally ill, such as those with mere sleeping or eating disorders.

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“The basic issue presented by the rule was whether Obama’s SSA could, without any changes to the underlying laws, simply re-characterize some 75,000 people a year who have never been banned from owning firearms as suddenly banned,” the National Rifle Association wrote after the House’s ruling. “The House was absolutely right to vote down this unjustified, politically motivated and unconstitutional measure.”

After the vote, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., explained that 20 disability groups had come out against the regulation.

“The reality is that, like us, they believe the regulation is simply bad policy, places an unfair stigma on those with disabilities and violates their constitutional rights, which is why a wide array of groups oppose it,”  he said on the Senate floor.

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