Tragic Development In Death Of Eric Bolling’s Son

Fox News fans were stunned last Friday when Eric Bolling’s son, Eric Chase Bolling Jr., passed away just hours after his father was officially fired from the network.

Daily Mail reported that Eric Chase, 19, was found dead in his bed at University of Colorado Boulder, where he was a student. Rumors swirled that Eric Chase was “destroyed” after his father parted ways with Fox in a sexting scandal, prompting many to assume his death was a suicide.

Now, however, Eric Chase’s friends are speaking out to say that question this theory. One college friend of the teenager’s said that she would be surprised if Eric Chase killed himself, as that does not seem like the type of person that he was.

“He would always talk about his dad being on Fox News,” said the friend, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “It’s not like I really cared, since I just wanted to be his friend. But he talked about it, and he was proud of his dad. He said he had the life that he had due to his father.”

She went on to say that she does not believe rumors that Eric Chase was emotionally destroyed by his father’s sexting scandal.

“That’s not the Eric we know,” she said. “Yes, he cared about his dad, but he was a strong man. He’d faced adversity before and he always came back stronger than ever before.”

Though an autopsy was performed on Eric Chase on Monday, the results won’t be released for four to six weeks. In addition, no drug paraphernalia, pills, or suicide notes were found near his body.

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