Trey Gowdy Exposes Democrat Judges As he Tries To Re-instate Travel Ban

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Trey Gowdy has always stood up for what is best for our country and he has now spoken against the 9th Circuit Court as the blocked the travel ban implemented by Trump.

Via World Tribune:

“It seems clear to most of us — not on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals — there is no right to come to this country for non-citizens of the United States.It also seems clear judges are neither in a position, practically or jurisprudentially, to second guess national security determinations made by the Commander in Chief. There is a reason we elect the Commander in Chief and do not elect federal judges.”

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Gowdy hit the nail on the head!  The ban was only blocked as two of the three judges were appointed by Jimmy Carter or Obama.

What are your thoughts on this?