Trump Keeps HUGE Campaign Promise on Refugees — Liberals are Furious!

The Left has got to be frustrated in their dealings with President Trump. They keep hammering away at him and he continually pops up somewhere else to change to DC narrative. It must be like hammering mercury.

The fight over Trump’s temporary travel ban has gone back and forth, the fate of sanctuary cities has also been see-sawing for months, the numbers of permitted legal aliens allowed to enter every year has been contentious and now Trump is gearing up to take on the abuse of the refugee program reports Liberty Writers.

For the first time in thirty years, the number of permitted refugees may be cut to below 50,000. Obama had upped it to 110,000 so his Syrian buddies could get in, but President Trump is being advised and is seriously considering slashing the total.

This is entirely in his prerogative as the nation’s chief immigration officer to do, but there have been other assured immigration powers that liberal activist judges have had the shameless temerity to sabotage.

Nevertheless, when the announcement comes, liberal heads will explode as, once again, a nonplussed Trump resurfaces to continue his fight for honoring the will of the American people.