Trump Makes Game-Changing Announcement About His Inauguration

Donald Trump’s inauguration is just one week away, and an announcement was just made about it proving that Christianity is a top priority of the president-elect.

NPR reported that six faith leaders have been booked to pray at the inauguration, and though they come from diverse backgrounds, they all have close ties to Trump or his family.

The leaders include a African-American megachurch leader from Detroit, a female preacher from Florida, a rabbi from Los Angeles, and a Hispanic evangelical. Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham) and Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, will also be at the inauguration.

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, who leads Great Faith Ministries in Detroit, invited Trump to visit his church during his campaign. This was an unusual move, since Jackson’s presides over a predominantly black congregation and the media has worked hard to portray Trump as a racist.

Paula White, leader of New Destiny Christian Center near Orlando, Fla, is arguably the best known prosperity preacher in the U.S.

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“Every day you’re [living] your destiny, designed by God and discovered by you,” White said in a recent sermon. “You’re either in a position of abundance, you’re in a position of prosperity, or you’re in a position of poverty. Now that’s in every area of your life. … You’re living abundant in your affairs of life — and that includes your financial conditions — or you’re living in poverty.”

Franklin Graham has always been a proud supporter of the president-elect, recently telling Lou Dobbs that “the hand of God” was evident in Trump’s election.

“I think God intervened and put his hand on Donald Trump for some reason,” Graham told Dobbs. “It’s obvious that there was something behind this, and it was more than people understand. I just think it was God.”

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