WHOA!! Chelsea Clinton Just Got a Major Dose of BAD NEWS….

Quick question…

Do you own a copy of Chelsea Clinton’s latest book? Did you even know she has a book out???

Well, you’re not alone, because judging from her book’s sales apparently NOBODY knows about it — and the few that do, don’t like it. The average rating of 50 reviews on Amazon is 1.5 stars!!!


The New Book titled Governing Global Health: Who Run’s The World and Why? is currently number 74,374 (!!!) on amazon. Even her children’s book is performing better.

Oddly though, Chelsea doesn’t seem too interested in promoting it at all either. Whether it be on twitter or in interviews, she hasn’t mentioned the release. She’s probably too busy with her full time job, posting snarky tweets to President Trump. This also happens to currently be her mother’s job.

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The Clinton dynasty is over and has been for a while. Maybe Chelsea finally got the message…