Whoa!! Hypocrite Dan Rather Trashes Trump, Gets Epic Beatdown… These are Funny!


Dan Rather sure has a lot to say lately. In the wake of Flynn resigning, Rather chimed in saying he thought this current administration is comparable to Watergate, saying “Watergate is the biggest political scandal of my lifetime, until maybe now.”

You have to give it to him though, he does know a thing or two about scandals. A little backstory:

Back in 2004 Dan Rather released documents on 60 Minutes that called then President George W. Bush’s National Air Guard Service into question. After defending the documents for weeks, it was later proven that they were forged. This forced him into an early retirement and leaving a blemish, to say the least, on his legacy.

Folks on Twitter were quick to remind him of this and all the other Democrat scandals of the last 8 years. It wasn’t pretty!

Read the state below in full. Do you agree with him or do you just think that he is being a liberal hypocrite. Sound off below.

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