Wow! Marine Prevented From Getting Medal of Honor On 3 Occasions By Obama… Now Trump Arrived…

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It has only been a few weeks since President Trump too charge but him and his team are already shaking up the country.

Take the case of Marine, Sgt. Rafael Peralta for example. He has bene nominated by the GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter to receive the Medal of Honor posthumously.

He was rejected on three occasions by Obama but the secretaries of defense each time denied him this honor.

Now that General Mattis is the secretary of defense, things look set to change.

Peralta reportedly pulled a grenade under his body in 2004 to protect his fellow Marines. This sort of action has been grounds for a Medal of Honor in the past, though in Peralta’s case there was admittedly some room for doubt, reported.

Some forensic experts have questioned whether Peralta could have moved the grenade underneath his body as he had been wounded in the back of the head by a bullet, leading to a question of whether he was even conscious when the grenade exploded.

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“The benefit of Secretary Mattis is that he’s commanded Marines in Iraq and he knows better than anyone in government right now — along with (Homeland Security) Secretary (John) Kelly — how politics can be infused in a valor award case and how the bureaucracy if left unchallenged will win every time,” explained a spokesman for Hunter.

Fox News reported that there were several eye witnesses — Marines who were probably saved by Peralta’s actions — who have testified that Peralta did indeed pull the grenade underneath his body.

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