Wow! Ted Cruz Puts Final Nail In Obama’s Coffin

It is obvious that Obama does not like Israel. His actions have betrayed his words time and time again.

He made their Prime Minster enter the White House through the back entrance and most recently failed to stop a UN vote that puts sanctions on the only democracy in the Middle East.

Thankfully it will be a different relationship when Trump gets into power. Ted Cruz has now demanded that the 1995 Congress pledge to move our embassy to Jerusalem be met.

According to a report in The Dallas Morning News:

“Jerusalem is the eternal and undivided capital of Israel,” Cruz said in a written statement. “Unfortunately, the Obama administration’s vendetta against the Jewish state has been so vicious that to even utter this simple truth — let alone the reality that Jerusalem is the appropriate venue for the American embassy in Israel — is shocking in some circles.

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“But it is finally time to cut through the double-speak and broken promises and do what Congress said we should do in 1995: formally move our embassy to the capital of our great ally Israel.”

What are your thoughts on this?